A Journey Back to Normal – A Look at Alternative Therapies to Combat PTSD

A Journey Back To Normal 720x1080


Veteran spouse, director Nicole Amelio-Casper has witnessed many deployments and returns, often with wounds—some observable and some unseen. Veterans and soldiers struggling with PTSD are prevalent in the military community. A JOURNEY BACK TO NORMAL, A LOOK AT ALTERNATIVE THERAPIES TO COMBAT PTSD appeals to this issue, making it a top priority to develop, deliver, and focus on effective methods to counteract the devastation of PTSD.

This film highlights 4 non-profit organizations in Pennsylvania, Missouri, and Kansas, documenting their unwavering pursuit to help active duty military & veterans in their hour of need.This film will create awareness about their efforts to decrease military and veteran suicides.

A JOURNEY BACK TO NORMAL has also teamed up with Indiegogo to raise funds for this important cause. Learn more here.

Beginning: Thursday, Jul 19 2018

Runtime: 75 min

NR / 2018


Thursday 19, July

7:00 PM

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