Alive and Kicking

First Show: Friday, Apr 7 2017
Last Show: Thursday, Apr 13 2017

Runtime: 88 min

NR / 2016

Alive and Kicking 720x1080



     Susan Glatzer


     Susan Glatzer,  Heidi Zimmerman


     Dorry Segev,  Augie Freeman,  John Paul Helveston


Alive and Kicking is a feature-length documentary that takes an inside look into the culture of swing dancing and the characters who make it special. We explore the culture surrounding Swing dance from the emergence of the Lindy Hop to the modern day international phenomenon. The film follows the growth of Swing dance from its purely American roots as an art form, to countries all over the world. Alive and Kicking looks at the lives of the Swing dancers themselves to find their personal stories and why this dance fills them with joy.


Thursday 13, April

7:00 PM

Sunday 16, April

4:15 PM

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