Beauty and the Dogs

Beauty and the Dogs 720x1080


When Mariam, a young Tunisian woman, is raped by police officers after leaving a party, she is propelled into a harrowing night in which she must fight for her rights even though justice lies on the side of her tormentors. Employing impressive cinematic techniques and anchored by a tour-de-force performance from newcomer Mariam Al Ferjani, Kaouther Ben Hania’s BEAUTY AND THE DOGS tells an urgent, unapologetic, and important story head-on. A rare, startling film from a female Tunisian director, it’s a striking critique on a repressive society and a forcefully feminist rallying cry.



    Kaouther Ben Hania


    Kaouther Ben Hania


    Mariam Al Ferjani, Ghanem Zrelli, Noomen Hamda

Beginning: Friday, Apr 27 2018

Runtime: 100 min

NR / 2017


Thursday 3, May

2:30 PM

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