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Seve the Movie 720x1080

Friday January 20, 2017


Seve combines dramatic recreations with electrifying archive footage to tell his incredible rags to riches story; from humble beginnings on the beaches of Spain, where aged six he taught himself the game with a broken 3 iron strapped to a stick, to becoming world number one and the greatest golfer of a generation. Directed by John-Paul Davidson (Stephen Fry in America, Brazil with Michael Palin) and edited by Saska Simpson (The Three Kings, Paranormal Witness) with original score by Academy Award winner Stephen Warbeck (Shakespeare in Love), Seve is produced by Stephen Evans (Much Ado About Nothing, BAFTA nominated The Madness of King George and Confessions of a Dangerous Mind) with the full support of the Seve Ballesteros Foundation.


Strike a Pose

In 1990, seven young male dancers joined Madonna on her most controversial tour. On stage and in the iconic film Truth or Dare they showed the world how to express yourself. Now, 25 years later, they reveal the truth about life during and after the tour. Strike a Pose is a dramatic tale about overcoming shame and finding the courage to be who you are.

Writers Series

Sunday January 22, 2017

Writers Series

Hosted by David Sidebottom. A panel of 3 writers discussing the art of writing. Each episode will have a starting topic and then branch off as the conversation flows.
The Author Spotlight series showcases a mix of both local and visiting authors. A Book signing will be held immediately afterward in the Jean Cocteau Cinema lobby. Live Streamed on Facebook and Periscope.
This Month’s Authors:
Victor Milan, author of Dinosaur Knights
Trent Zelazny, author of Voiceless
John Jos. Miller, author of Wild Cards full novel Deuces Down

Awakening in Taos

Awakening in Taos

Awakening in Taos is a 1 hour biographical documentary that tells the story of Mabel’s personal evolution as a writer, salon hostess, art patroness and social activist. It was produced in partnership with New Mexico PBS by a Santa Fe based film company, written and directed by Mark J. Gordon.
Born in Buffalo, New York, Mabel was a woman who broke the mold on women’s roles in life. Her influence extended into the world of arts, music, literature and activism for social change. In her late 30’s she experienced a life-altering awakening at Blue Lake in Taos, New Mexico and embraced the Taos Pueblo Indians in a way that seized the attention of the artistic and literary world.


Monday January 23, 2017

Directos Cut Series: Alien

After a space merchant vessel perceives an unknown transmission as distress call, their landing on the source moon finds one of the crew attacked by a mysterious lifeform. Continuing their journey back to Earth with the attacked crew having recovered and the critter deceased, they soon realize that its life cycle has merely begun.

She Sings to the Stars 720x1080

Tuesday January 24, 2017

She Sings To The Stars

Mabel is a Native American grandmother who lives alone, tending her drought-ravaged corn in the desert Southwest. Her half-Mexican grandson, Third, dreams of ‘making it big’ in LA, but his plans change dramatically when he comes to his grandmother’s house to collect traditional dolls he hopes to sell for a high price. Lyle is a faded magician from LA traveling with a white rabbit, the promise of a gig and a life-long dream to be able to magically disappear. When his radiator boils over, he is stranded outside Mabel’s house. Both men must yield to a timeless rhythm and discover a capacity greater than imagined.

Ultraman 720x1080

Ultraman: Double Feature

Ultraman X – When realty TV host Carlos Kurozaki breaks into a mysterious underground pyramid for a television event, he removes a special gem. . . and unwittingly releases a diabolical monster called Zaigorg! The evil creature wants Kurozaki’s gem, so it spawns an army of giant kaijus to get it! It’s up to the famous superheroes Ultraman X, Ultraman Tiga, and the one and only original Ultraman to stop the worldwide monster war!
Ultraman Ginga S – Etelgar curse the mind of Arina and used her power to seal 7 Ultraman then Haruno Musashi alongside with Ultraman Zero find UPG headquarters and help Ultraman Ginga and Victory to free other Ultraman and defeat Etelgar

Sophie and the Rising Sun 720x1080

Friday January 27, 2017

Sophie and the Rising Sun

Set in the autumn of 1941 in Salty Creek, a fishing village in South Carolina, the film tells the dramatic story of interracial lovers swept up in the tides of history. As World War II rages in Europe a wounded stranger, Mr. Ohta, appears in the town under mysterious circumstances. Sophie, a native of Salty Creek, quickly becomes transfixed by Mr. Ohta and a friendship born of their mutual love of art blossoms into a delicate and forbidden courtship. As their secret relationship evolves the war escalates tragically. When Pearl Harbor is bombed, a surge of misguided patriotism, bigotry and violence sweeps through the town, threatening Mr. Ohta’s life. A trio of women, each with her own secrets – Sophie, along with the town matriarch and her housekeeper – rejects law and propriety, risking their lives with their actions

Maya Angelou and Still I Rise 720x1080

Maya Angelou and Still I Rise

The extraordinary story of iconic writer, poet, actress and activist Maya Angelou whose life intersected some of the greatest moments in recent American history. Skillfully crafted with heart and ease, this film reflects the vibrant spirit of an American civl rights legend who was determined to live her philosophies and fought for what she believed in.

Dances with Werewolves

Dances with Werewolves

When Cassie flees an abusive relationship, and falls victim to a moon-worshiping 600 year old Romanian Countess; a troubled paranormal investigator of Native American heritage finds himself in a deadly love triangle with a battered-woman werewolf.
Special Guests:
Tatiana DeKthyar
Omar Paz Trujillo
Lauren Parkinson
Madeleine Wade
Don Preston
Kasey Lansdale

Carrie Vaughn 720x1080

Sunday January 29, 2017

Author Event: Carrie Vaughn

Jean Cocteau Cinema presents The Author Series featuring Carrie Vaugh hosted by George R.R. Martin.Carrie Vaughn is best known for her New York Times bestselling series of novels about a werewolf named Kitty who hosts a talk radio show for the supernaturally disadvantaged. The fourteenth installment, Kitty Saves the World, was released in 2015. Her forthcoming novels include a near-Earth space opera, Martians Abroad, from Tor Books, and a post-apocalyptic murder mystery, Bannerless, from John Joseph Adams Books. She’s written several other contemporary fantasy and young adult novels, as well as upwards of 80 short stories. She’s a contributor to the Wild Cards series of shared world superhero books edited by George R. R. Martin and a graduate of the Odyssey Fantasy Writing Workshop.

Mosaic Dance Company 720x1080

Mosaic Dance Company

Join us at the Jean Cocteau Cinema for an evening full of Dance!
Mosaic Dance Company is an educational and presenting organization, nestled in beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico. Established in 1996 by Founder/Director Myra Krien, Mosaic Dance Company provides high quality programs of the rich artistic heritage of the Middle East as expressed through music, dance, poetry, visual arts and other art forms as they relate to American culture.

Lee Zlotoff 720x1080

Monday January 30, 2017

Author Event: Lee Zlotoff

Lee Zlotoff reads from and signs copies of his new book, The MacGyver Secret. Connect to your inner MacGyver and solve anything. Lee Zlotoff is an award-winning writer, producer and director of film and television with over a hundred primetime credits to his name. Among his more notable creations is the iconic MacGyver TV series that has continued to run around the world for over 30 years since its debut in 1985. And is now returning in a new MacGyver series on CBS and an upcoming feature film from Lionsgate Studios. Lee is also a recipient of the coveted Audience Award from the Sundance Film Festival for his film ‘The Spitfire Grill’ which has gone on to become a highly successful musical.
Lee is a graduate of St. John’s College, with campuses in Annapolis, MD and Santa Fe, NM, where he served on the board of directors for over a decade and is now a member of the President’s Council.
Committed to supporting those who strive to improve global futures and outcomes, Lee is also the founder and director of The MacGyver Foundation, which receives a portion of the proceeds from every MacGyver project.

Two Lovers and a Bear 720x1080

Tuesday January 31, 2017

Two Lovers and a Bear

Set in a small town near the North Pole where roads lead to nowhere, the story follows Roman (DeHaan) and Lucy (Maslany), two burning souls who come together to make a leap for life and inner peace.

Artist- Elizabeth Leggett 720x1080

Thursday February 2, 2017

Artist: Elizabeth Leggett

Elizabeth Leggett is a Hugo award-winning illustrator whose work focuses on soulful, human moments-in-time that combine ambiguous interpretation and curiosity with realism.

Kiki- Love to Love 720x1080

Friday February 3, 2017

Kiki: Love to Love

Five stories of sex and love unfold during a strange, hot summer in Madrid.

Attack of the Lederhosen Zombies 720x1080

Attack of the Lederhosen Zombies

Steve, a young professional snowboarder, ruins a high-paying photoshoot with a silly prank, causing him, his girlfriend Branka and fellow snowboarder Josh to be left behind on the mountain. They seek shelter in a garish, loud aprés-ski tavern that is hosting an all-night party for the last night of the season. Things go from bad to worse when a scientific experiment conducted by a local entrepreneur unleashes an epidemic of zombies and mutant wildlife, but this is mostly lost on the local drunkards as they themselves are not always so easy to distinguish from zombies. Steve, Branka and Josh have to find a way to survive this hellish night. Finally, their epic battle for survival leads to them having to use their snowboarding skills to defeat the raging aprés-ski zombies once and for all.

Jews Step Forward 720x1080

Sunday February 5, 2017

Jews Step Forward

Jews Step Forward traces a path grounded in Jewish identity, which ultimately separates personal conscience from a socialized mythology loyal to Israel. Open ended policies of torture, imprisonment, and murder of indigenous Palestinians including children, contempt for international norms, and the rise of laws mirroring fascism, all poison any idea of national permanence for Israel based upon peace and regional integration.The subjects of this film speak with the same Jewish voice, which historically led the struggle for justice around the world, cutting through visceral defenses to demand an awakening and a Judaism liberated from Zionism.

Ghost in the Shell 720x1080

Tuesday February 7, 2017

Ghost in the Shell

The year is 2029. The world has become intensively information oriented and humans are well-connected to the network. Crime has developed into a sophisticated stage by hacking into the interactive network. To prevent this, Section 9 is formed. These are cyborgs with incredible strengths and abilities that can access any network on Earth.

Misty Lee 720x1080

Friday February 10, 2017

Magician: Misty Lee

Meet Misty Lee – a Creeper in a Corset.
Magician, Séance Medium, Professional Voice Actress, and Writer – Misty Lee is renowned for her saucy brand of sorcery and sophisticated stage illusion. She tried to swear off magic, but her Musical Theater and Improv backgrounds proved a fertile ground for magic. “It followed me,” Lee says. “Magic for me is like a tick – it dug right in, and it refuses to let go.” Misty’s no-nonsense approach to prestidigitation, her creativity, and her affinity for fearlessly speaking her mind has honed her career, and has won her both respect and friends among magic’s best and brightest.

All Governments Lie 720x1080

Sunday February 12, 2017

All Governments Lie

Despite being blocked at almost every turn in pursuit of the sport he loved, Seve Ballesteros fought against adversity to become the most spectacular and charismatic golfer to ever play the game. This engaging film includes dramatic recreations with electrifying archive footage to tell his incredible story!

Julesworks 720x1080

The Julesworks Follies

Julesworks Follies #49, The Defiantly Non Themed Show!!Come and experience the magic of Julesworks live at the Jean Cocteau. Theater, Comedy, Music, Dance, Improv, Door Prizes and so much more!

My Name is Emily 720x1080

Friday February 17, 2017

My Name Is Emily

A teenage girl runs away from a foster home with the boy who loves her. She searches for her visionary writer father who is locked up in a psychiatric institution. It is a story of redemption.