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In the early 1970s, one man stood up to the entire New York City police force. Hailed as a hero by many, hated by others, officer Frank Serpico made headlines when he blew the whistle on a culture of bribery and corruption within the department. His one-man crusade for police reform inspired the Al Pacino classic that bears his name, but the real life saga is as gripping as anything Hollywood could dream up. Now, Serpico tells his story in his own words: from his Italian-American roots in Brooklyn to his disillusionment with the NYPD to his riveting account of a dramatic drug bust—and possible set-up—that ended with him being shot in the face. Featuring music by Jack White and interviews with Serpico’s associates and admirers—including Luc Sante and John Turturro—this is an inspiring, all-access portrait of a courageous man who refused to betray his ideals.



    Antonino D’Ambrosio


    Antonino D’Ambrosio


    Frank Serpico, Stanislao Pugliese, Janet Panetta

Beginning: Friday, Nov 17 2017

Runtime: 98 min

PG13 / 2017


Friday 17, November

7:00 PM

Saturday 18, November

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Tuesday 21, November

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