Girl 27

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Hollywood 1937- Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, the world’s most prestigious and powerful movie studio, tricks 120 underage chorus girls into attending a stag party for its visiting salesmen. When dancer Patricia Douglas tries to flee, she is brutally raped; defying the studio’s order for silence, Douglas files a landmark lawsuit while MGM launches the biggest cover-up in Hollywood history-until six decades later, when author-screenwriter David Stenn stumbles upon the story. Stenn’s decade-long search for the truth leads to Patricia Douglas herself, nearly ninety and still in hiding. Will she go public once again, or will Hollywood’s best-suppressed scandal die with her?

For this special screening of GIRL 27, director David Stenn will join us at the cinema!



David Stenn


David Stenn


Patricia Douglas, Judy Lewis, Joan Crawford, Clark Gable, Jean Harlow

Beginning: Sunday, Jul 29, 2018

Runtime: 86 min

NR / 2007


Sunday 29, July

6:00 PM

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