Game of Thrones Marathon

GoT S7 720x1080


Tickets are free and available on a first-come, first-served basis at the box office on the day of each showing.

We will be hosting a costume contest each day with some awesome prizes and other ways for participants to win tickets to the Sunday night screening.

Don’t forget to check out our special Game of Thrones Drink Menu at the bar.

Keep an eye out as well (on Facebook and Twitter) for announcements of surprise special guests and other giveaways.



Tuesday, July 11th

Episodes 1 and 2, of Season 6

Wednesday, July 12th

Episodes 3 and 4, of Season 6

Thursday, July 13th

Episodes 5 and 6, of Season 6

Friday, July 14th

Episodes 7 and 8, of Season 6

Saturday, July 15th

Episodes 9 and 10, of Season 6

Sunday, July 16th

Special Screening of Episode 1, Season 7

Beginning: Tuesday, Jul 11 2017

Runtime: 150 min


Thursday 13, July

7:00 PM

Friday 14, July

7:00 PM

Saturday 15, July

7:00 PM

Sunday 16, July

7:00 PM