Hope Springs Eternal

hope springs eternal poster


Hope Gracin is known as “the girl dying of cancer” and has fully embraced this identity. Posting YouTube videos, having fun with friends, an Australian boyfriend, and being popular have been results of this identity… until her tests show that she is cured. Hope, unsure of what her new future holds, hides the truth. But as what happens with most secrets, the truth comes out. How will everyone react? With the help of her friends and loved ones, Hope faces her fear of living only to discover the beauty of living.



Jack C. Newell


Stephanie Mickus


Mia Rose Frampton, Stony Blyden, Juliette Angelo

Beginning: Friday, Aug 10, 2018

Runtime: 78 min

PG / 2018


Wednesday 15, August

8:00 PM

Thursday 16, August

8:00 PM

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