Magic and Mentalism with Mio

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Live Shows and Magic Workshop

Adept in performing on both of the magical stages—with mesmerizing acts ranging from close-up magic to those performed for a full theatre audience—Mio dazzles and delights his spectators. To highlight his skills, the show at the Jean Cocteau will consist of a cocktail hour in which the renowned Mio will create four different illusions on a more intimate, interactive scale. Following a brief intermission, the show will continue to our stage, where Mio can present the flashiest of his mentalist illusions.

Mio, voted Magician of the Year by Ring 45 of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, boasts a long list of celebrities that have been astonished by his work, from former President Bill Clinton to Madonna, Gianni Versace to Burt Reynolds, to Liza Minnelli, to Michael Jordan, and Yogi Berra, among others.

During this special weekend of magic, Mio will also host an hour-long workshop Saturday afternoon at 12:30 pm, before his matinee performance. The workshop will include magic tools to take home, and the price is only $10 if you also get a ticket to one of the EXTRAORDINARY MOMENTS shows!

Beginning: Friday, July 27 2018

Live Performance Ticket Prices:
Adults: $25
Students & Seniors: $20
Kids: $15

Workshop: $15 ($10 with show ticket)


Friday 27, July

7:30 PM

Saturday 28, July

2:00 PM7:30 PM

Magic Workshop

Saturday 28, July

12:30 PM

A Bit of Magic