Shock and Awe

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In 2003, the White House administration made a case for the invasion of Iraq. The facts didn’t add up, and only one team of journalists got the story right. Shock and Awe is the true story of these journalists, and what it is like to hunt for the truth when the stakes are life, death, and American democracy.



    Rob Reiner


    Joey Hartstone


    Woody Harrelson, Jessica Biel, James Marsden, Milla Jovovich, Tommy Lee Jones, Rob Reiner

Beginning: Friday, July 13 2018

Runtime: 90 min

R / 2017


Thursday 19, July

4:30 PM

Friday 20, July

5:00 PM

Saturday 21, July

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Sunday 22, July

5:30 PM

Monday 23, July

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Tuesday 24, July

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Wednesday 25, July

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Thursday 26, July

3:30 PM

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