Smoke Signals

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If there’s one person Victor Joseph doesn’t want to have accompany him when he sets out from the Coeur d’Alene Indian Reservation to retrieve his father’s ashes, it’s Thomas Builds-the-Fire. Thomas tells endless stories, and many of them aren’t even true. But Thomas has money, and Victor doesn’t. Their journey not only forges a lasting bond between these young men “born of flame and ash,” but what Victor discovers enables him to finally forgive his father for deserting the family. SMOKE SIGNALS marked a major milestone as the first film written and directed by Native Americans.


For our 20th Anniversary screening (Friday, August 17), director Chris Eyre and actor Gary Farmer join us for an introduction and Q & A moderated by Kirk Ellis, as well as a Thomas Builds-The-Fire Costume Contest!



Chris Eyre


Sherman Alexie


Adam Beach, Irene Bedard, Evan Adams

Beginning: Friday, Aug 17, 2018

Runtime: 89 min

NR / 1998


Friday 17, August

6:30 PM

Saturday 18, August

6:30 PM

Sunday 19, August

7:40 PM

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