The Colorado

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For five million years the Colorado has carved some of the most majestic landscapes on the planet. It has also become the lifeline of a vast portion of North America, providing the water that sustains nearly forty million people, half a dozen major cities, and an immense agricultural empire. Because of these demands, the river is so overused and overpromised that it no longer flows to the sea or nourishes its delta. The Colorado, set to music by today’s leading composers and narrated by the stage legend Mark Rylance, takes us on a journey in nine chapters through the prehistoric settlement of the region, the period of European exploration, the dam-building era, modern industrial agriculture and immigration, and the impact of climate change. In its premiere, the film’s presentation was accompanied by live accounts of its exhilarating score by vocal ensemble Roomful of Teeth, cellist Jeffrey Zeigler, and composer-percussionist Glenn Kotche.



     Murat Eyuboglu


     William Debuys, Murat Eyuboglu


     Murat Eyuboglu

Beginning: Thursday, May 11 2017

Runtime: 91 min

NR / 2016


Monday 4, September

2:00 PM

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