Art Gallery Opening: LaShawn Medicine Horn & Omar Lazri

February 7, 2019 @ 5:30 pm
Jean Cocteau Cinema
418 Montezuma Ave
Santa Fe, NM 87501

Monthly Art Gallery Series @ Jean Cocteau Cinema

LaShawn Medicine Horn & Omar Lazri

LaShawn Medicine HornArtist Bio:  born in 1993, is a part of the Inhanktowan Oyate (Yankton
Sioux tribe) of Lake Andes, South Dakota.
LaShawn’s first college of attendance, Dakota Wesleyan University, provided the
necessary tools to fulfill her initial intentions as a Physical Therapist, until local
artist, Cheri Ramsdell, inspired her to cultivate her talents and pursue fine arts in
Santa Fe, New Mexico. Since, she has enrolled at the Institute of American Indian
Arts studying Fine Arts, Business, and Indigenous Liberal Studies.
Many of LaShawn’s early acrylic projects were inspired by the music industry. More
specifically, the interests were in rap and hip-hop culture. Gradually, IAIA became a
critically informative space providing the focus to mature conceptually and visually.
The current works incorporate visceral and abstract imagery on plexiglass and
other mediums to explore matters of identity, internal dissonance and complexities.


Omar Lazri
Artist Bio:
Omar Lazri is an Illustrator, Painter and story teller working and living in Santa Fe, NM and born in San Antonio, TX 8/12/94. Being raised in an interracial household with North African and American Roots, Omar isn’t your average Texan. His use of historical and master techniques come from a personal interest obtained while in his early youth, combined with a more recent concentration and passion for Mid-century design and Pop Culture. After spending two years in the North East School of the Arts (NESA) fine arts program whilst in high school, consisting of rigorous technical teachings, Omar acquired an academic scholarship to Santa Fe University of Art and Design, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in fine arts in the fall of 2018.

LAZRI, “Fructose Fiends” RGB

LAZRI “Bed Bugs and Fools Gold” RGB

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