Author Event: Marc Romanelli

September 6, 2020 @ 3:00 pm
Jean Cocteau Cinema
418 Montezuma Ave
Santa Fe, NM 87501
Ticket $5, Ticket + Paperback $25

Author Event: Marc Romanelli

Join Marc Romanelli as he discusses his children’s novel THE IMAGINATION WARRIORS!

Book Synopsis:

In Romanelli’s debut children’s novel, a young New Mexican girl and a talking feline go on a spiritual adventure.
Daisy May is a special cat. Not only can she talk, but she also has the gift of precognition. But although she leads a comfortable life in New York City, she feels unfulfilled. When her owner’s 9-year-old granddaughter, Philomena, invites her to come to Lamy, New Mexico, to investigate a mystery, the cat decides to put her psychic powers to good use. Philomena is an adventurous, independent child whose paleontologist father is often away from home. She’s been keeping watch on a painting of a Native American man that hangs in a Lamy saloon, whose details—such as the number of teepees in the background—have been changing.
She takes Daisy May to meet her artist friend, Noshi, whose latest work, an image of a Native American princess, has been similarly mutable. Daisy May, Philomena, and Noshi declare themselves to be “Imagination Warriors,” and they find that they’re able to use the power of thought to enter Noshi’s painting; inside, they find conduits to other pictures and paths to other places and times. But will they ever figure out what’s going on with the pictures, and make their way home?

About the Author:

Marc Romanelli has been a professional photographer for the last 40 years. His creative interests are wide-ranging: he has been a cinematographer working for PBS and HBO, additionally, he has extensive image and motion collections with most of the photo agencies including Getty Images, Offset, Tetra, Dissolve and now Adobe Premium and Mint Images.

He recently self-published an internationally and regionally awarded children’s book entitled, “The Imagination Warriors” geared toward ages 9 to 14. Mr. Romanelli has photographic peregrinations have taken him to Senegal, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Australia, Indonesia, New Zealand, Guatemala, Morocco, Mexico, Europe, South America, and India. Mr. Romanelli lives with his wife and their two children in Lamy, NM.

Marc likes to say that “Imagination is the ultimate Photoshop of the Mind”.

Tickets- $5.00 , Ticket and Hardcover- $25.00