Julesworks 64 Virtual Show

November 5, 2020 @ 6:00 pm
Jean Cocteau Cinema
418 Montezuma Ave
Santa Fe, NM 87501

Julesworks 64

Coming to you Virtually

The Julesworksers are gearing up, after somehow surviving somehow summer 2020, which is taking its time in going away, to offer their second not quite live episode of their long running usually live variety show. Julesworks Follies 64 will premiere on Thursday November 5th at 6pm through the Jean Cocteau website. Starting at that time, again as a free offering to the community, the usual medley of repeat performers with some new ones, will launch a digital version of the usual share of an array of short playlets/monologues, music, rant-alogues, poetry, comedy, and much more. The Julesworks Follies YouTube page remains active, including having JW 63, which premiered in May thru JCC, now there for free perusal viewing.

Julesworks Follies has always, since its inception approaching 10 years ago, in its various venues and incarnations, had an open door policy as far as welcoming willing performers of all likes. With an original goal which remains a driving force being to offer artists a safe environment to share their work with an audience, whether it’s someone who has not performed for years, ever or is a seasoned artist trying something new or whatever they wish, the Julesworks Follies shows are a lively array of short pieces so we always encourage and remind the audience if they don’t like a piece, don’t give up, just wait a few moments or in the not live show version, one can even cheat and scroll forward. In lieu of being live at the Jean Cocteau theater, where the bar and concessions are usually open, one can watch safely from home, hit pause as need, etc.

As far as producing and bringing the material together, there is rarely a specific mandate as to what performers contribute other than the importance of keeping the pieces short since we always have an abundance of material to offer and the show flows best going from a short playlet or monologue to music to poetry to something funny to something more serious or topical to music and so on. We do try to revolve around a topical or timely theme but make no promises nor strict rules of adherence.

There are some recurring performers and elements which are in most shows, some folks who take time off and then return and we aim to have at least on new performer each show.

For JW 64, we are hoping to have a second different show premiere on or around the same week in collaboration with Teatro Paraguas, both as a means of including more material without having one show be too long, and in an effort to help the elements of the Santa Fe Theater and live performance scene work, play share together as best we can.

The confirmed performers thus far include: loyalist and multi talented Rose Provan with her ongoing Gramma Speaks material, the clan of Christl McKenzie being Lexi and young Lanz, who has practically grown up watching and performing with Julesworks, Danette Sills returns again with her new Beatriz Speaks piece, new performers from last show who will return include poetess Melanie Lamb Faithful (who has a new book of poetry and photos available at JCC’s Beastly Books as well her own author event being planned!) and Regina Ress, a world renowned storyteller, Jim Jones an NM legend and treasure with his cowboy music, and a second installment of Jules & Jim do Red being receptions of poetry by beloved cowboy author Red Shuttleworth (one of the upsides of the not live show has been being able to include artists who no longer or in Red’s case never lived in NM), speaking of Brett PQ Ribber Berman, former Santa Fean now in TorC will have another music video, the tradition of the show opening with music from Gregg Turner will continue (other than the show being hosted by Stephen Jules Rubin and Jules Otis Career Radio Nut who will serve as narrator between each piece…one of the other upshots of going digital not live is having music with videos), and some of the new folks joining JW for their first time include: young talented musician Mohit Dubey, David Thom, musical maestro who plays with the beloved Bill Hearne and on his own and with his cohort Zeke, and the return of Santa Fe Theater impresario Argos MacAllum and other likely artists from Teatro Paraguas who will be offering material include Alix Hudson, Roxanne Tapia, Christina Emily Vigil, as well as talented young actor Nikoa’s Salazar and lastly for now we are pleased that long time performer who had taken a too long absence due to work in beloved Santa Fe radio man Chris Diestler.

As ever, things are fluid ever changing and open to the flux.  We thank the community for their continued support as well as the staff and team of GRRM’s Jean Cocteau in particular Rory and Janet Macpherson, Kris Vivian and Jordan Apodaca. And we thank all who watch and of course those who donate their talents with them.

Julesworks out Y’all.