Julesworks Follies Improv Comedy Show

February 23, 2020 @ 7:00 pm
Jean Cocteau Cinema
418 Montezuma Ave
Santa Fe, NM 87501

Julesworks Follies Improv Comedy Show

Live Variety Show

Julesworks return on Sunday February 23rd to stage their 62nd Episode of their not quite monthly live variety show. The Annual (Ish) Not Quite Valentine’s Show will be at 7pm presenting the (un)usual medley of live performance in the form of short playlets, skits, music, poetry, and a style of improv designed to hopefully keep the audience not only engaged but involved, offering opportunities for audience members to participate in Julesworks brand of improve scenes as well as the Open Slot Slot where the audience members are invited to join on stage to present a short piece.

Julesworks has been staging this show for some seven years with an ever evolving open to all theory of involvement. Each show is a mix of material, some original some source some a medley, presented by Julesworks Loyalists as well as hopefully a new or returning from the past performer each show.

For this Not Quite Valentine’s Show, there will be an emphasis on the return to health and presence of two of our loyal members who had to miss the most recent show for health reasons. Both musician Terry Diers and writer, director actor Rose Provan have returned to health and plan to return to the show. Terry and friends often provide a musical soundtrack of songs throughout the night and sometimes to back Jules Stand Up Spoken Offbeat Not Quite Poetry and to lead a lively ending exit to the show in a musical finale ensemble, in which we hope the audience also joins in.

Rose writes original playlets and looks to carry on her Gramma series of pieces based on real life issues she faces, to which we can all relate.

Loyalist Ellchemi Ossorio will be out of town though will be present in pre recorded material and perhaps live from a live remote secret location we hope the audience will enjoy guessing.

Musician Gregg Turner will likely carry on his tradition of playing at least an opening song. Other traditions include Ask The Revisionist Historians with Christl and her clan in which the audience can ask questions.

Puppet master Devon Ludlow hopes to return and more to be confirmed.