Mustangs & Renegades

November 16, 2019 @ 7:00 pm
Jean Cocteau Cinema
418 Montezuma Ave
Santa Fe
NM 87501

Mustangs & Renegades


Mustangs & Renegades is a deeply personal story, a complex web of events woven into the heart of the American West. It follows the true and personal account of documentary filmmaker, photographer James Anaquad Kleinert as he documents the roundup and removal of America’s wild horses. In revealing the plight of the horses, we reveal how America’s public lands – and our civil rights – are being systematically stripped away. This journey climaxes with James’ victory in federal court (Kleinert v. BLM has now set precedent in na- tional FOIA law), and segues into a conversation about moving forward into a Green Regenerative Economy. This is an epic and honest tale of activism, passion, perseverance and transformation that touches the core issues – the protection of our public lands, civil, environmental and indigenous rights – that are being called into question in our society. Stunning cinematography highlighting epic South Western landscapes and ecosystems, this is a film that audiences will resonate deeply with, as our plight to protect the wild horses mirrors our fight for a sustainable future.

This is a fund raiser!

Amazing gifts to donors for helping complete this important episodic series. Gifts include, James new book: No Country For Truth Tellers, fine art prints from the series

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