FAQs with some helpful wit & wisdom from Tyrion Lannister:

A: Why yes, we are! We show movies and host live events like magic shows, concerts, comedians and author readings. We also host numerous one-night-only special events and private parties. We have something interesting going on almost every day of the week—check out our Calendar for more info!

“If you want to conquer the world, you best have dragons.” – TL, A Dance with Dragons

A: Our hours vary depending on the events of the day. The theatre is typically open 30 mins prior to our first event or film showing of the day. Please see our calendar for event dates and times!

“Men are such faithless creatures.” – TL, A Clash of Kings

A: Currently, parking is available on the streets surrounding the theatre. There are also several paid parking lots along Market St., which runs along the Southwest side of the Jean Cocteau Cinema.

“The gods are blind. And men only see what they wish.” – TL, A Dance with Dragons

A: Why yes, we do! Our butter is also kosher, organic, and delicious!

“Someone should tell the cooks that turnip isn’t a meat.” –TL, A Game of Thrones

A: We are also a bookstore, coffeehouse, gallery, full liquor bar, live show space and live music venue. We also host special events, film festivals, game nights and author events. We offer a lot at the Jean Cocteau Cinema!

“Words are wind.” – TL, A Dance with Dragons

A: Yes you may. Any food or drink bought inside the Jean Cocteau Cinema may be brought into the seating areas.

“If I drink enough fire wine perhaps I’ll dream of dragons.” – TL, A Dance with Dragons

A: Yes, George does come to the theatre for our movies, book readings, magic shows, and other live events. However, whether he will be here on a given day is not something we know ahead of time. You’ll just have to come by and see. Or, if you want to follow what’s been going on in his life, you can check out his website at: https://www.georgerrmartin.com/

“Half-truths are worth more than outright lies.” – TL, A Storm of Swords

A: See the website link in the question above. There, you can find all kinds of information about what George is doing! You can also check out George’s Vault!

“I decline to deliver any message that might get me killed.” – TL, A Game of Thrones

A: NO, Unfortunately, we can not have things personalized or addressed individually. You can send any book related questions to books@jeancocteaucinema.com.

“All sorts of people are calling themselves kings these days.” – TL, A Clash of Kings

A: Yes we do! Typically, we show the previous season first and then the first episode of the new season. And usually the new episode premiers at the Jean Cocteau first. Dates and times are posted on our website and sent out in our newsletter.

“When I was a boy, my wet nurse told me that one day, if men were good, the gods would give the world a summer without ending.” –TL, A Game of Thrones

A: Yes you can. Tickets are best purchased via the website, but can also be purchased at the theatre when we are open.

“An honest kiss, a little kindness, everyone deserves that much, however big or small.” – TL, A Dance with Dragons

A: Dragon hunting is a favored pastime of the crew and patrons of the Jean Cocteau Cinema. A couple of noteworthy sighting places, besides within the Cocteau are: the back of the Cocteau building, behind Big Adventure Comics; on the roof of the Ellsworth Gallery on Palace, and in the Dragon Room Bar. How many more can YOU find?

“What if we should find that this talk of dragons was just some sailor’s drunken fancy? This wide world is full of such mad tales. Grumkins and snarks, ghosts and ghouls, mermaids, rock goblins, winged horses, winged pigs, winged lions.” – TL, A Dance with Dragons


A: 126

A: The Stage is approximately 12’ by 6’. The stage has 2’ of space between it’s front and the audience, and approximately 8’ and 7’ of open space to the left and right sides.

A: We have a Platter-based 35mm and also a Digital Cinema Projector.