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    Destination Unknown

    Zelazny, Trent

    Signed Paperback

    Brian has found solace in alcohol, while Kate spends most of her time sedated. Until the night on the mountain road, and the briefcase they suddenly come to possess-an important briefcase that was not intended for them. Now, battling with their own inner struggles, the two of them become the targets of an unknown adversary less interested in the briefcase than in the games he can play. As their lives threaten to completely fall apart, Brian and Kate must find the strength not only to work together, but to face the horrible tragedy that haunts them both.

    “I have someone new to admire.” –Joe R. Lansdale, Edgar Award winner

    “Trent Zelazny has already begun to carve out his own genre niche. He’s got the right stuff to make fiction both engrossing and literate.” –Tom Piccirilli, winner of two International Thriller Awards and four Bram Stoker Awards

    “A gift for storytelling is in Trent Zelazny’s genes.” –Charles Ardai, publisher of Hard Case Crime

    “Trent Zelazny will surprise you, entertain you, and take you places you’ve never been before.” –Warren Lapine, World Fantasy and Hugo Award nominee

    “Passion. Power! Fear! Zelazny is a force of wonder…and darkness!” –Joseph S. Pulver, Sr., author of the Lovecraftian novel Nightmare’s Disciple