The Seeds: Pushin’ Too Hard

Special appearance by the Film’s Director Neil Norman of GNP Crescendo Records who will introduce the film and conduct a post-screening Q&A.

Using vintage footage, rare photos, memorabilia and audio, and fresh interviews with band members and associates as well as notable fans and observers, Pushin’ Too Hard relates the bizarre rage-to-riches-to-rags tale of the rock quartet who took Los Angeles by storm in the mid-60s.

The Seeds – keyboard player Daryl Hooper, guitarist Jan Savage, drummer Rick Andridge and charismatic singer Sky Saxon – were all emigres to early 1960s Hollywood. After building a crack reputation in underground clubs such as Bido Litos, the group bust out in late 1966 with the classic anthem “Pushin’ Too Hard,” which went Top 40 nationally in early 1967

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