Streaming FAQ


Here’s how you can rent and stream titles features on our website. Many are available exclusively through arthouse theaters — and not on Netflix or Amazon.

How do I rent a film?

Once you’ve decided on a film, click “Rent Digital Screening”. This will take you to the film distributor’s website where you can purchase your “ticket”. (50% of the ticket price will support our theater.)

Since these films come to us from different distributors, the rental pages will each be a little different. Some distributors will require that you create an account to rent films or connect to your streaming device. Simply follow their prompts.

How do I watch a film?

Here’s a list of ways to watch the films. Check each film to make sure it’s available the way you want to watch it.

Simply follow the link provided in your confirmation email. You will be able to stream your film from your browser. Some distributors also offer a phone/tablet app that may create a better viewing experience.

This is as simple as running an HDMI cable from your computer to your television and selecting the appropriate input. You can even unplug your Blu-ray player and plug its HDMI cable in your computer. The TV then mirrors your computer screen.

This option is available if the film’s distributor offers an app for your streaming device. We recommend this method for the best quality and minimal fuss. (You’ll have to install and open the app on your streaming device, of course.)

Another option is to stream films with your Apple TV or Chromecast by screen sharing with your smartphone, tablet, or computer on the same Wi-Fi network. Begin queuing up the film on your device. In the on-screen playback controls, tap the connection icon to begin sending video to your television. (We find this mode of streaming to be the most unreliable.) Instructions for screen sharing using your Apple TV can be found here. For information on screen sharing using your Chromecast, click here.

I didn't receive a rental confirmation, what do I do?

First, check your email spam folder, as your ticket confirmation email may have landed there. It is also possible that your confirmation may not arrive immediately. Please wait a few minutes and check again. Independent distributors and theaters are working hard to adapt to these challenging circumstances and periods of high rental volume may result in a short delay.

If you require further assistance, you will need to contact the film’s distributor. As these transactions are not handled by the theater, we are only able to offer limited assistance.

List of distributors

Kino Lorber: Website | Email
Magnolia Pictures: Website | Email
Music Box Films: Website | Email
Film Movement: Website | Email
Oscilloscope: Email

Please be aware: These transactions are not handled directly by the theater. As such, we are only able to offer limited assistance. If there’s something that we missed, or if you have additional questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to email us.

How does streaming support the theater?

When you rent one of these films, roughly 50% of your purchase goes back to the distributor for the rights to play the movie. The other half goes directly to the theater, just like with our regular programming.

Your support is especially appreciated while our doors are closed. When you stream one of our virtual main attractions, you help support our nonprofit Stagecoach Foundation and our theater staff, as well as the independent filmmakers who made these films. Thank you!