The Love that Would Not Die: “Synthesize Me”


Wednesday 31, October


Movie Trailer

Prepare to be amazed as award-winning cult madness of this locally made punk rock puppet musical series continues in The Love That Would Not Die part 2 of 1, ‘Synthesize Me’. Old friends, catchy tunes, new characters, better lighting. Picking up from the cliffhanger of the last episode, ‘Synthesize Me’ follows Stan and Sock Dog as they try to rescue the Kid, get Stan back to gather with his ex, save the world from a pharmaceutical zombie apocalypse and banal club music, all while keeping a positive attitude; to do so they’ll need supernatural help in the form of underground music legend Space Lady (as herself). But will it be enough to counter the terrifying new dangers of deranged scientist Jartek and glam punk rock diva Lydia (Jessie DeLuxe)?

Creator: Devon Hawkes Ludlow

Stars: Jessie Deluxe, Andy Kirkpatrick, Space Lady

Beginning: Sunday, Oct 28 2018

Runtime: 30 min

NR / 2018