The 11th Green



Beginning: Friday, July 24th 2020

Runtime: 108 min

NR / 2020

A long-awaited follow up to Munch’s acclaimed 2011 Sundance film Letters From the Big Man, THE 11TH GREEN stars CAMPBELL SCOTT (House of Cards, Roger Dodger) as a journalist who uncovers the truth behind the mythology of President Eisenhower’s long-alleged involvement in extraterrestrial events. The Hollywood Reporter calls it “A thoughtful and compelling what-if . . . provocative and illuminating.”

Rife with hidden government secrets and Matrix-like mindbenders, THE 11TH GREEN is grounded in what is widely believed to be the nuts-and-bolts core story of post-war U.S. military and government involvement with UFOs.

In this way, the film sketches a possible backdrop to recent revelations in the mainstream media (eg, the New York Times and Washington Post) and subsequent declassification of certain U.S. military interactions with UFOs.

Our entry point into those interactions is Dwight David Eisenhower (GEORGE GERDES), 34th American President and Supreme Allied Commander in World War 2. During a post-presidential winter in 1967, in his striking mid-century home in Palm Desert, California, Ike finds himself revisiting the ghosts (both literal and figurative) of his past.

But it is a charismatic investigative reporter, Jeremy Rudd (CAMPBELL SCOTT), who begins to connect the dots when his estranged father dies, half a century later, in the same house that was once Ike’s. In the midst of reporting on an explosive aerospace story, Jeremy unwittingly unearths film that shifts the rumors of Ike’s involvement with UFO events out of the realm of folklore and into reality.

Into the mix enters a present-day, Obama-like president (LEITH BURKE) who, in the midst of Jeremy’s controversial reporting, must contend with his own limited access to information about the origins of what he calls the “ET industrial complex.”

Thought-provoking but understated, filled with sharply drawn characters, stark desert landscapes, and leaps across the space-time continuum, THE 11TH GREEN is challenging cinema that generates questions, discussion, and debate long after the credits roll.

The film’s distinguished cast also includes AGNES BRUCKNER (Blood and Chocolate, Blue Car), IAN HART (Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Backbeat), APRIL GRACE (Magnolia, Joker), TOM STOKES (The Railway Man, Wasted On the Young), DAVID CLENNON (Being There, The Thing), MONTE MARKHAM (Mr. Deed Goes to Town, Dallas), and CURRIE GRAHAM (NYPD Blue, Project Blue Book).